10 Do's And Don'ts For Effective Argumentative Essay Writing - 2022

An argumentative essay is defined as academic writing in which the author has to take a certain stance on a given topic. The author has the complete freedom to choose whatever side of the topic they want to support.

An example of this could be if a topic is given "should genetic mutation in animals be allowed for research?" The writer has to either agree or disagree with the topic and then write an argumentative essay in which they would provide evidence for their stance. An argumentative essay is usually written by students from the school and college levels.

What format to follow to write a high-quality argumentative essay?

As most writers know that the format followed for all types of essays is very similar. An argumentative essay also follows that same format in which the essay starts with an introduction. This section is followed by the body paragraphs and the last part of an argumentative essay is the conclusion. Whenever students write my essay they should ensure to follow the format mentioned above so that they do not lose marks on the format.

10 do’s and don’ts for an argumentative essay:

Form an outline before starting your essay

All writers should ensure to make an outline before they start their argumentative essays. The outline enables them to gather all the information in one place and then use it in each section of the essay accordingly.

Always choose a topic that interests you

When selecting the topic the writer should choose the one which they find interesting and could easily write a detailed essay on it. If the writer has no interest in the topic it would be extremely difficult for them to take a stance and then support it with evidence. Choosing an inappropriate topic that is not related to the field of the essay writer will create problems in writing a high-quality argumentative essay.

Topic with solid evidence

Another important tip is that before selecting the topic the writers should carry out research on it so that they are already aware of the evidence that is present to support their stance. The author should always carry out background research on the topic and find solid and appropriate evidence for the claims that will be made in the essay.

A sensible and clear essay should be written

The writer should also take a logical stance and clearly state what they are arguing about. Taking an insensible stance could always go against YourEssayWriter.

Always remember to follow the format

Format plays an important role in making an essay look amazing. A proper thesis statement should be included in the introduction paragraph. It should contain the main argument of the essay. Each paragraph in the body should have a detailed topic sentence so that it is easier for the reader to understand

Never include an argument without evidence

The author should ensure that they do not include an argument in their essay which is not supported by evidence. Even if they are getting their work done by an online essay writing service they should instruct the writer not to include irrelevant arguments.

Never merge arguments together

Each argument should be written separately as each of these have its own significance in the essay.

Never use vague phrases

Avoid using words like 'I believe' and 'I think' before starting an argument as you have to talk about the facts in an argumentative essay.

Never forget to organize your essay

To show professionalism in your essay the writer should always organize their essay according to the guidelines provided by the instructor.

Never jump to the conclusion

The author should always write their argumentative essay with patience and never run towards the conclusion of the essay.